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YJ Magnetique 2×2 3×3 4×4 5×5

499.00 DH
  1. YJ YuPo 2x2 M
  2. YJ Yulong 3x3 V2 M
  3. YJ YuSu 4x4 M
  4. YJ YuChuang 5x5 M


269.00 DH
The MGC 4x4 is the latest and great 4x4 on the market. YJs MGC series is famous for providing premium puzzles at an affordable price, and this puzzle is no exception. It comes in a premium box and performs excellent out of the box with medium strength magnets. This puzzle is perfect for beginners all the way to experts.


279.00 DH
The MGC 5x5 is the newest puzzle in the MGC series from YJ. This magnetic 5x5 speed cube features a strong magnetic feel and performs great out of the box. The cube of choice for many professional speed cubers, the MGC 5x5 has been making waves in the competitive community as an outstandingly polished cube destined for competition.


289.00 DH
The latest 6x6 speed cube from YJ. The MGC name has come to represent value above all else and this 6x6 is no exception. It features medium strength magnets with very smooth turning right out of the box. Its performance rivals 6x6’s that are almost double the price. The MGC 6x6 is sure to please big cube solvers of all abilities. The YJ MGC 6x6 is currently the favorite 6x6 of several top professional speedcubers.


299.00 DH
The MGC 7x7 from YJ is a new magnetic, flagship 7x7 speed cube. Slightly larger than other top 7x7s, this puzzle features fantastic turning and performance.

YJ MGC Magnetique

149.00 DH
The YJ MGC is a new, high quality 3x3 by veteran cube producer, YJ. The MGC comes at a compact size of 55mm and features a magnetic positioning system, primary internals, and stellar all-around performance. The MGC has a smooth, bubbly feel and delivers many qualities typically attributed to flagship cubes at an economical price.

YJ MGC3 II Magnetique

199.00 DH
The YJ MGC3 II is a 3x3 by YJ, and the update to the YJ MGC3. A magnetic cube 8 grams lighter than its predecessor, the MGC3 II comes this time in stickerless, making it accessible for more people. It is inherently faster than the V1 and has really good forward corner cutting.


119.00 DH
The YJ Mini Timer is a compact little timer that uses infrared to help you time your speedsolves. Just place your hands at both sides of the puzzle and go! This product requires a pair of Triple AAA batteries to operate (batteries not included).