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GAN 251 M 2X2

219.00 DH269.00 DH
The GAN 251 M is the newest 2x2 speed cube from GAN. This cube features all of the same characteristics of the 249 V2 M like great corner cutting, matte finish, a light/airy feel, and a medium magnetic strength.

MoFang JiaoShi MF2+3RS+4S+5S

399.00 DH
The Cubing Classroom series is a new MoYu sub-brand that focuses on providing excellent performance and value for entry-level cubes. The Cubing Classroom Gift Box contains a complete 2x2, 3x3, 4x4, and 5x5 set packaged inside a fancy box with a carrying handle.

Moyu RS2M+ RS3 M + RS4M

399.00 DH
One of the most exciting releases of the year, the MoYu RS2M, RS3 M end RS4 M 2020 are an economy magnetic  speed cube by famous cube brand MoYu.

QiYi QiDi 2×2

99.00 DH
QiYi QiDi S 2x2 Easy Turning and Smooth Play. Improved anti-pop technology and structure for extremely fast and smooth cornering. Great entry level 2 by 2 speed cube for beginner

Valk 2 M

199.00 DH
Valk2 M is the first 2x2 produced in the iconic Valk line. The magnet positions on this 2x2 are unlike any seen on the market. Rather than the typical corner only magnet layout, the Valk2 M uses a corner/edge magnet layout resembling that of a 3x3.

YJ Magnetique 2×2 3×3 4×4 5×5

499.00 DH
  1. YJ YuPo 2x2 M
  2. YJ Yulong 3x3 V2 M
  3. YJ YuSu 4x4 M
  4. YJ YuChuang 5x5 M

YJ YuPo 2×2 V2 M

199.00 DH
The YJ YuPo 2x2 V2 M is a budget friendly magnetic 2x2 from YJ. This puzzle turns well right out of the box. It features a medium magnetic feel that is sure to please beginners and professional solvers alike.

Yuxin little magic 2×2

99.00 DH
The Yuxin Little Magic 2x2 is a fast, sandy feeling 2x2 that retains the feel of its 3x3 counterpart. It is definitely a competitor for best budget 2x2 on the market.